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“Cookies“ are small files that enable us to store specific user-related information on your device when visiting one of our websites. Cookies help us to evaluate the amount of traffic generated on our websites and to customise our services and features in order to improve the user’s experience. Therefore we are using so-called “session cookies“, that are stored only for the duration of your visit to one of our websites. We are also using „persistent cookies“ to enhance the usability of our websites – to recognise you and provide you a most diversified experience with varying, new and fresh contents and topics when you return to our websites. We collect the following data that is transferred automatically through your browser, e.g. browser type, service provider, IP address, as well as an objective, individual user ID. Thus collected data is only used anonymously; no individual profile or pattern will be stored. You can experience the features and services of our websites without cookies as well. You can block cookies, restrict the allowance of storing cookies for selected websites only or receive a notification, if a cookie is about to be installed, by using the settings of your browser. In that case, please note that you might experience a limited display of all features and services of the respective website.